The Shortest Distance to 100% Vet Employment

Vetlign is a disruptive technology that allows Veterans and transitioning service members to immediately sync and align to job opportunities they are qualified for. No more resume churn, or guessing about MOS qualifications, or figuring out what that new abbreviation means. Vetlign gets Vets and transitioning military next to the right job opportunities automatically, without the language, cultural, and word search barriers that plague the present system. Vetlign is a ballistic launch for a Veterans next success.

Veteran Hiring Made Intelligent

Vetlign lets employers see all the Veteran and transitioning military personnel that fully qualify to their posted opportunities in minutes – automatically. Vetlign uses a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that automatically aligns and matches veterans with job opportunities by understanding how a veteran’s skills and experience “context” aligns to a job requirement “context.”  By understanding the “context” of your open jobs as well as the “context” of a veteran’s profile, Vetlign ensures that each veteran profile you view meets all the education, certification, experience, clearance, and other requirements in each posting. Vetlign overcomes the syntax, translation, and misalignment issues that both veterans and recruiters have and shows exactly which veterans qualify for which specific jobs in a few clicks.

Vetlign is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that complements your processes rather than replacing them. With Vetlign you can now see every Veteran that visits our military hiring page, and every veteran that comes to your careers page knows exactly which posted jobs they qualify for in under 60 seconds. Furthermore, the system allows you to reach out to every qualified Veteran that qualifies for your opportunities  – automatically.

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